Monday, May 13, 2013

Me Do It!

 There is a lot of "Me Do It" going around the house these days, courtesy of Little Miss E! She is the most emotionally conflicted, independent, dependent, spunkiest, sweetest little 2 year old I've ever met! Or maybe girls are just that way??

Eliana decided she wanted a banana the other morning and she wanted to cut it herself.
So we got her set up at the table with an Ikea knife and her banana and let her have at it!

She did a pretty good job! I will now be double checking to make sure sharp knives are far, far away from her! She is into cutting with scissors these days and if we aren't careful, will cut up bills and homework.

She's full of mischief and full of life! And adored:)


Emily and Frank said...

It's the same over here! "Me do it" and "I do it" are the main things out of A's mouth these days!

mommyoflove3 said...

These 2 year olds are tough work, I tell you! Hopefully A will get some of it out of her system by the time Baby comes:)