Sunday, May 5, 2013

Basking. Hoping.

 We have spent our weekend basking in the joy of God's love and the near completion of a huge stage of our journey. The weather has been just beautiful, so we've spent a lot of time outdoors together!

It hits both of us at different times through the day that wow, we made it! I honestly felt really overwhelmed with emotions yesterday. How do you process the completion of 8 years of hard work in a day? Within these 8 years are contained a powerful story of God's leading, sacrifice, joy, heartache, struggle, brokenness, healing, blessings, love and God's faithfulness. Truly, no one will ever know the extent of the things that we faced and with God's help, overcame. It is a story of how amazing God is. We are truly humbled and filled with praise and cannot WAIT to celebrate at graduation next month!!!!!

This afternoon, we went on a walk in a forest preserve that is 5 minutes from our house. There were a lot of people walking or biking but it was so peaceful and beautiful, with the trees beginning to green and bud all around.

We even saw 3 deer grazing!

I know a lot of people think deer are annoying but I have always thought they are so graceful and beautiful!

We stopped to look around for a few minutes:)

Such lovely brown water!

Towards the end, we let Eliana get out of her stroller and exercise her adorable chubby legs; as long as she held someone's hand! She held Daddy's for a few minutes, and then mine but she was happiest holding her brothers' hands!

How could a mommy resist taking pictures of this??

They are my joy.

Miss Goosy was having too much fun opening and shutting the back door after we got back. I was making dinner and the boys were playing outside. I can just see what this summer will be like!

Oh boy, is this face a prelude to the teenage years??

Such a busy little bee!

It feels good to be filled with hope. To be content. To be loved.

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