Thursday, May 16, 2013

Peter Rabbit by Eliana Thomas

A sweet clip of Eliana "reading" to me yesterday:)



muggalove said...

"Back in Ohio" I like the sound of that! Maybe it's prophetic! Loved listening to her read her story!

grandma said...

Oh my goodness if that wasn't the cutest thing..Peter rabbit goes to Ohio..Oh out of the mouth of babes..Im with your Mom maybe that's prophetic..Oh make it so..Lord! Only we are still praying for you! We know the Lord hears..Soon that job will be coming..Can hardly wait for June Grad day..We have our Motel..Yeah

Judy said...

Molly and I love Eliana's version of Peter Rabbit!! She is adorable, we love the way she says 'Uh-Hi-O' We think you need to come back with Peter Rabbit!!