Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Eyes and Funnies.

This morning we had eye re-checks for Eliana and Samuel. Eye check-ups are a big deal because we live 40 minutes away from the place where they currently go and we are always there for 1 1/2-2 hours!

Thankfully they are nice about checking 2 of our kiddos in the same room at the same time, which helps. Samuel got tested due to some focusing issues they thought he had when he came back in May. His headaches have been almost non-existent since school has ended which has been nice so the dr said his reading glasses should really help with that this year as he does close school work and reads a lot.

He's so sweet and quiet when they check him and always nervous but so brave:)

Eliana has to have re-checks every 3 months at this point to make sure her glasses/prescription are working well and that nothing new has come up. At the center where we go, there are lots of "residents" who do the testing and then check in with the attending. Usually they are really good but today the lady who checked Eliana was asking her to do eye exams that were too advanced for her and was so unsure of herself that E picked up on it and was crying and not cooperating well.

The poor lady disappeared for a long time and thankfully came back with my very favorite dr whom we saw the first time, the chief pediatric opthamologist. She is incredible with Eliana and gets her to cooperate so well. She's gentle and has a great sense of humor. I was so glad to see her!

She said E is doing great and doesn't have to have a change in her prescription until the next time she goes in this fall, which is good. She was pleased at how well the glasses are helping!

So it was a long first half of the day and by the time we got home, it was already 1pm! Eliana had fallen asleep on the way home and when we got here, I kept the car running and asking the boys to be quiet since she was asleep, ran to unlock the door so I could carry her in. I was back at the car within less than a minute and Zakkai had woken her up! I was so ticked because, despite trying to lay her down, her nap was ruined for the day.

Fast forward to tonight. We had just gotten home from grocery shopping (which takes a minimum of 2 hours with all 3 kiddos) and I was busy feeding E a quick dinner since I knew she was tired, putting away groceries and making dinner. I ran down to the basement to store some canned goods and Eliana decided to get my attention.

First I heard, "Mama!" Pause. "Mama!"

Another pause.

"Ma! Ma!" I was like, "Ma? What in the world?" She thought that was pretty funny and moved on to....

"Heidi!" brief pause. "Heidi!"

And then as I came back up the steps, smiling at her cuteness, she topped them all.

"Shweetie! Shweetie!" I laughed SO hard and then she knew she was pretty funny and kept up a good stream of "Shweetie's" until she had a sudden out-of-the blue meltdown that let me know the fun was over and bedtime was nigh.

She was in bed asleep within 15 minutes, by 5:45pm.

I love those silly moments!

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