Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Crafty Kids!

I have to admit, perhaps sheepishly, how amazed I am that the summer is going so smoothly. I was kind of, maybe....just sort of dreading having all 3 kiddos underfoot ALL day long. I know, shame on me. But as much of a joy as they are to have around, it also means more fights to break up, more messes to clean, more whining, more everything. It's just busy!

But aside for all of the "extras" that come from us all being around each other 24/7, there's been a lot of fun times! I get so many extra hugs throughout the day, and extra "thank you's" and "you're the best mommy EVER" comments:) We are also getting time to see new things, go new places and do simple things like art projects, which go by the wayside during the busy school season. They do enough projects at school!

We got a package in the mail that had lots of styrofoam peanuts and instead of tossing them, I decided to save them for a rainy (or boring) day!

Last week just such a day arrived. The day it was 167 degrees outside and we were cooped up. The second the words "craft" came out of my mouth, the boys dropped what they were doing and were in their chairs in 2.4 seconds!

I think we made a record:) I may have to try that more often....

I pulled out paper, glue, paint and styrofoam peanuts to make pictures with! Zakkai had a blast just painting as many peanuts as he could, while Samuel made a picture out of the styrofoam and then painted it.

Love that they do things their own ways!

And while I wasn't quite ready to hand Missy paint and styrofoam, I figured paper and crayons worked just as well! She is definitely getting into coloring lately. I have cleaned crayon off the floor, the side of the cabinet and my little "kitchen island" all in the past few days. I'm not sure how these stray crayons find their way into that chubby little hand but she sure knows how to wield some damage!

Probably learned it from her big brother, I'm guessing. I'm remembering a certain big brother of hers that colored all over our wall with permanent marker not too many years ago....

Not that I'll mention any names. Ahem.

Looks like we'll be spending a little more time indoors since the weather is holding pretty steady around 100. Send me all your best craft/art ideas!!!

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