Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cooking up a Storm!

Eliana got a "new" kitchen from some friends today! They have a grand total of THREE play kitchens for their little girl (the dad is a bit of a garage sale, side of the road junkie) and decided they could get rid of a couple.

So we got a new toy:)

When Z saw me carrying it in this afternoon, he quickly abandoned his brother and friends outside and came to play with his Sis:) It made dinner preparation more peaceful!

Speaking of dinner, tonight I made savory pizza pancakes! It was basic pancake batter with seasonings and spices, diced red pepper and some sauteed chopped swiss chard. I was a little iffy on whether the three juniors would eat it but to my surprise they did! Add a little pizza dipping sauce and it makes a big hit. Missy ate one (she loves sauce!) and the boys gobbled up 4 each!!

And here's a silly video of Samuel making Eliana giggle. The best giggles were before I could get the camera on and after the battery died but at least I got a couple!

Happy Tuesday!

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