Monday, July 16, 2012

Vacation Time!

 I'm getting into vacation mode over here! Only 3 weeks left!

I started my checklists, packing lists and traveling lists today! So many lists, so little time:)

Have to make sure we have just the right stuff for each person. And the lucky job falls to me to make sure no one goes underwear-less on vacation!

Then Ben gets to load everything into our minivan. Don't know how we ever got along without it!

We'll be making Thomas family history with a camping trip along the way! A good old-fashioned way to save a little $ and have some fun all at the same time;) S'mores anyone?

And then we'll head on up to the grand mountain retreat where we'll be reunited with lots and lots (and lots!) of family! Okay, so it isn't a castle but it sure is big. Big enough to hold about 30 people (with a few more camping outside.)

Pretty big.

Hopefully we won't come home looking like this.....

But like this instead....:)

Can't wait!!


Emily and Frank said...

Camping with kids will be a fun adventure! Where in Colorado are you going?

Charity said...

Oh goodness, this makes me excited. I cannot wait.