Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Organized Chaos of my Mind.

Alternately Titled: Deliberate Noodle-Brain.

*I did a much-needed cleaning/purging of the refrigerator.

* I do love a good clean refrigerator.

* Today we drove past "42st" Street. I still haven't figured that one out...

* Eliana threw the majorest of all major tantrums in the store this afternoon. All because Target, darn them, created carts in which babies automatically become Houdini-like and can stand up with free-will. Despite being buckled in.

* Not having the freedom to stand up at will for a toddler? = crocodile tears, screams that echo around the ginormous store and a really quick shopping trip.

* Samuel is loving birthday week! Okay, I love it, too:) It's very fun to get the mail and find special cards and/or gifts every day! Makes you feel loved!

* I had a very important New Years' Resolution this year: To send out cards or gifts on time regularly alllll year.

I haven't even made it one time yet.

I mean well, I have good intentions, I think about people, I want to show them that I love them.....but life gets in the way. Things happen, I get distracted, we get too tight financially. The list goes on and on.

The point is, it's never too late to start your New Year's Resolution. Even 6 months later....

* I'm debating with myself about whether or not to have ice cream cake again tonight. Surely there's no harm in a small, fat-free, calorie-free, good-for-you piece of ice cream cake after a long day?

I didn't think so. I belong to the group "It's never wrong to eat ice cream." Winter, spring, summer, fall, day, night, cold hot....Anyone else want to join?

* Eliana, for the first time, voluntarily asked for milk tonight....AND drank it! Okay, half of it but still! She has regularly rejected more than a small sip of milk since turning one: cold, warm, chocolate syrup, special cups, straws. You name it.

It's probably too soon to start singing and dancing though. Toddlers are known for rejected even a most beloved food 5 minutes after devouring it with gusto.

* Zakkai has complete 4 nights of non-finger suckage! It was very hard for him at first. He broke my heart with his crying and his worries that his Rays (blankets) will cry forever because he can't suck with them.

But reassurance that his Rays will still love him and snuggle with him and the lure of stars for his jar and earning prizes has given him the resolve to keep going! I'm proud of him:)

* We watched "The Adventures of TinTin" this weekend and it was very cute! I would definitely recommend it!

* This weekend when we were out having fun on my birthday, I noticed Samuel kept looking at me. I finally asked him, "What? Why are you looking at me?" He said, "Because I love you so much, Mommy!"

* And that's all for this edition of "I cleaned out my brain." Off to see the husband for the first time in 2 days!

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