Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Bug and Silly Faces.

 The bug of change bit me again. Same old, same old; it hits me here and there. Things become too complacent or I become discontented with how things are "working" and want change.

It's been driving me crazy that the first thing people see when they walk into our home is our tv center with mess in it and on top. (I cannot stop certain people from putting their stuff on top of the tv center!)

I can't forget the words of one of my favorite books about home organization where the author challenges you to really look at the focus and purpose of each room in your home. Well, I don't want the purpose or focus of my living room to be tv mess.

So I sheepishly asked my dear wonderful husband-of-the-bulging muscles if he would help me brainstorm and/or possibly move some furniture around:) You could practically see the distress roll across his face but his kindness and love for me warred with it and won. What a good man!

He helped me come up with a new arrangement and voila!

Now when you walk in, you see a nice cozy reading area!

The living room area is much more open now! The big chair used to be tucked in the back corner which made it hard for conversation when we had guests over. Now we can face each other and talk, a definite important focus for me.

I'm planning on making some covers for the tv area so the tv can be hidden when we're not watching it, which is most of the time!

Also, notice the cute little rocking chair reading are for the kiddos in the corner now:)

We even did a crazy thing, which my dear husband was sceptical of, and moved the table and chairs out of the dining room! It was becoming a breeding ground of junk (thanks to my mini junk hoarders) and I really wanted the space opened up more.

It's definitely tighter fit in the kitchen now but I'm okay with that! It's actually really nice to have the kiddos closer to me while I'm preparing or serving food and makes setting/clearing the table easier! Eliana likes having the boys closer, too, from her perch in the highchair:) I think it will be nice for doing homework, too!

And on to silly faces:) The boys taught Eliana how to stick her fingers in her mouth to pull it out and make goofy faces. I missed that part and suddenly she came up to me saying, "Mama!" and doing this. She wants us all to make faces at the same time all the time now:)

Silly girl!


Aunt t said...

Looks so nice, now the children have a play room too! I did the same thing to my family room yesterday! It helps to change from time to time!

grandma said...

I never change things. Whats wrong with me. I ask...I think I know old age. Bad arm. Can't think of where to change what...Like the way it is... And most of all do not like change. There you go...Think I'll look around and see what to change.... Grandpa come here and move this... I bet you know his answer...

muggalove said...

I love the new look! It runs in the family! One day everything is fine, the next you HAVE to move it NOW!