Sunday, July 29, 2012

Family Picture.

I know that most of you have seen our new family picture on FB but I cannot resist posting it here!!

This has to be my favorite family picture yet!! I've been begging Ben to take one and he agreed to help me after church today. We grabbed our camera and the manual and he figured out how to set the self-timer button.

Seriously, no professional photographer, no portrait studio, no $ at all! Just a few minutes of reading, a beautiful day and 3 shots. Usually 1 to 2 out of the 5 of us are looking in opposite directions or making goofy faces or the lighting's bad, etc. I was really surprised when Ben grabbed the camera to show me the pictures we took.

I fell in love with this one and will treasure it forever!!

A story about our time at the park: When we got there, almost right away Zakkai spotted what looked like a credit card under a park bench. He said, "Oh look! A new play credit card!"

I grabbed it quickly, thinking it was probably a giftcard or something but realized it was someone's credit card. We decided to take it over to the nearby police station after we finished playing and picture-taking.

I assumed it would be a quick drop-off with a "thanks for being an honest citizen" comment or two. But noooooooo. I ran in, leaving Ben and the kiddos in the car. The depressed looking lady police officer behind the window asked what I needed and I told her that we'd found a credit card at the park and wanted to drop it off. I started to hand it over, only to have her tell me I had to fill out some paperwork with my information first and she would call someone to help me.

Wha? You're sitting right in front of me. Why can't you help me?

She turned around to a male officer behind her and clicked off the microphone to tell him why I was there. I could hear her tell him why I was there and he glanced at me and just walked away. She told me that she called an officer and someone would come soon. I was really confused. What in the world? I just wanted to hand this to you so you could get it back to the right person! Trying to be a good person here....

TEN minutes later, the same male officer (who had walked through twice ignoring me) finally decided to help me. He asked to see the credit card and was staring at me so suspiciously. Because I look like a criminal, right?

He started questioning me as to where I'd found it, what was I doing at the park, where exactly was I and where was the credit card, etc. His voice was SO suspicious sounding and accusatory. Hey, yeah, I stole this credit card, made up a story about playing at the park with my family and taking pictures, went on a spending spree and then decided to come here and dorop this off to you!


I was upset when he finally let me go and I went out to the car, feeling like I was some bad person about to be arrested. They didn't even say thank you or anything. Not that I needed a thank you; it just would've been polite. I was just doing what I would hope someone would do if I lost my credit card somewhere!


I was able to shake it off after awhile and just enjoy some Olympic watching with my family today and the sweet comments from our family and friends about our picture:)


Grandma W said...

I love the picture. Have it set as wallpaper on my computer. As far as the credit card, you did the right thing. the owner of the card is VERY fortunate it was found by an honest family.

Aunt t said...

I think some of O friends work at the police station.

Try to get out of Chicago soon!

Charity said...

next time, I guess you should just cut up the credit card and move on with life. Geesh, last time you ever will take something to the police department. Thank you for being such a good citizen.