Monday, July 2, 2012

Hot Air Balloon Festival!

Late Friday some friends of ours told us about a festival that was going to be nearby us. I wasn't too interested until Ifound out it was a hot air balloon festival!!

We waited until E woke up from a nap, packed up a simple dinner and braved the heat, armed with lots of water.

There was a really cool family section with lots of free stuff for the kids to do! The zoo was there, Legoland, a place with balloons and stuff to make dried noodle and bead necklaces, a science tent, art tent, dancers, a juggler and more!

We kept the kiddos occupied until it was time for the balloon launch. Then we went over to the field and munched on some dinner while we heard the announcements that balloons were not going to be launched because the wind was blowing them into Midway Airport. Not generally a good idea:)

But after we waited patiently for awhile, they started to inflate the balloons on the field!

Let me tell you, it captured everyone's immediate attention once those enormous, colorful balloons started blowing up one by one!

Think they're having a good time??!!

There were several brightly colored balloons, a skunk balloon, a beaver (which was the boys' favorite) and even a dragon!

Very cool to watch!

Here's the boys' favorite, Mr Beaver:)

And the dragon being inflated slowly. This one took the longest.

And once they were up, they allowed the crowds onto the field to meet the balloonists and see the balloons close up! Unfortunately, it was way past bedtime so we admired from afar for a few minutes longer and then packed up our crew and went home.

We were all desperate for showers after a few hours in the hot, humid weather so we bathed our chickies and had them in bed SO late (almost 9:30pm!).

It was definitely worth the late night:)

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Aunt t said...

I love the thigh on E, aren't chubby babies so cute!

What a fun sight to see those colorful balloons! I imagine that was very exciting for everyone, and you alll had wonderful dreams that night!