Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Wish.

* I wish we had more weekends like last weekend and this one.

* I wish we had more time to soak up with family. To fill our hearts, our memories.

* I wish our children got to see their Grandma and Mugga more than 4 times a year.

* I wish time didn't fly by so quickly.

* I wish I was able to write the way I dream about. Able to move people to laughter, to tears, to feel what I feel. What a gift that would be.

* I wish I liked lasagna.

* I wish I didn't make so many mistakes as a parent.

* I wish I knew how to love people better.

* I wish we could travel more.

* I wish I could go to Europe.

* I wish there were no spiders. Or they they would at least stay away from my home. Forever.

* I wish we had a home of our own. I may never have a white wall again in my lifetime.

* I wish we wouldn't keep locking ourselves out of our house. We're starting to annoy the handy-not-so-handy guy.

* I wish the weather would stay below 90.

* I wish I had the power to ease other's pain.

* I wish so many things that my heart is afraid to share outloud.

I wish.

1 comment:

Grandma W said...

I wish I had the best D-I-L in the world. Oh wait, I do!!