Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday, Monday.

It was a rough start to today:( The boys were in rare form and I was up to HERE with them by 11am. On top of their fighting and not listening, Eliana was following me around fussing all morning.

Thankfully things turned around after an early 3 hour nap for E, some outside playing time for the boys and to my surprise, a nap for Zakkai. He was sent to his room for yanking a coloring book out of Eliana's hands and causing her to fall off the couch. I thought it was awfully quiet and checked after 10 minutes and found him curled up on his beanbag chair sound asleep.

I de-stressed by doing some sewing this afternoon on a fun little project that the boys are excited about. Debut coming soon.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better! We've got eye re-checks for Eliana and Samuel.

Wish me luck:)

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