Thursday, July 26, 2012

Toddler 'Tude

I love to find a good deal. Don't you? It always makes me happy when I find something that usually costs a lot and I can get it for cheap. (Like my beautiful new Vera Bradley bag!!!)

I noticed the other day that Little Miss's shoes were starting to get awfully tight. Her very first pair of walking shoes were Stride Rite and she has just loved them. But her cute little toes were pressing up against the top and she just seemed a little more uncomfortable in them.

Since we definitely can't afford to keep her in nice, new Stride Rite shoes ($30-50 a pair!), I started looking around to see what I could find. Here comes the deal! Ready?

Ebay. Stride Rite. Barely worn. With Shipping...$9.99. Woohoo!!

And the best part? She gets to keep her much adored bells on:)

So, I plopped her in the chair to get a pic of her shoes and she immediately started being silly! She always gravitates towards my computer and pushes as many buttons as she possibly can before I pull her away:)

Oh yes, you are a silly girl!!

What?! What is this face? Are you practicing for the teenage years?

Oh, I see that smile starting....You're a little imp!

And a very cute one.


Grandma W said...

What a great deal on E's new shoes. They will be busy shoes, for sure. Love to all of you.

Charity said...

that 2nd picture down of her smiling really big looks just like you! So cute!