Thursday, July 19, 2012

For Your Looking Pleasure...

It was a rainy (off and on), car-less, hang around, crafting kind of day! Long but made a little more fun by simple pleasures:) Here's a peek into what my new best friend and I accomplished today!

I started these baby dresses as gifts last week and have been too busy to finish them unti today!

Little pink and purple pillowcase dress!

And a pretty blue and green one! I really like the lace on this one. The nice thing about these dresses is that they ca be worn for a long time. With shirts underneath, without, with a cardigan or sweater and as it becomes a shirt! Fun.

And, thanks to a bday Joann's gift card, our couch pillows got a little makeover!!

These are the before....getting worn, a little ripped and stained. I was so proud of these a few years ago.....But now.....

Ta Da!! I am in LOVE with the new pillows! I just finished them about 15 minutes ago:) Totally different look. Please ignore the ugly, stained couch that needs a good green machine cleaning.

Obviously that's on my next to-do list.

A close-up!

I debated long and hard at my favorite crafting store over fabric options, even going so low as to recruiting the boys' opinions:)

And my favorite touch, the fabric flowers!!

It's fun to get into a mode like this. And I have several more projects waiting in the ques....

So much to do, so little time:)


Grandma W said...

The pillows are so pretty! It amazes me what you do.

grandma said...

Hi Heidi just got caught up with your blog. And yes I love love Vera Bradley. So want to go to a outlet store. It takes a long time to plan to go on vaction. I used to set everyones suitcase out on ping pong table and as I washed put in. Its not easy. Can hardly wait to see everyone. Love.