Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Weekend!

 It's been so fun to watch the Olympics today with the boys!! Last time the summer Olympics were on? Samuel had just turned THREE, Zakkai was almost 18 months old and Ben was far, far away in a land called Turkey....

Wow. Time flies!

Samuel and Zakkai are so excited to see what the Olympics (which they've heard about but don't remember) is all about! They were hooked on the cycling first thing this morning, are full of a million questions about who's winning and what's happening and what does "this" mean....

We let them stay up a little later to watch some sand volleyball tonight. They were hoping to see the swimming but it was on a little too late. Ben also found a book on the summer olympics at the library which we've been reading. It explains how the Olympics started, traditions and about all the sports involved.

It might be better if it had been updated since it was written in 1991 but still....

And I'm excited that the Olympics will still be on when we're with family in 2 weeks in CO! Too bad we'll have to miss a couple days of watching while we're traveling a million miles....

Speaking of traveling, we've been stocking up on super cheap books from Half-Price and/or Goodwill for the trip. The kiddos all have some "new" books for the trip to entertain them. We spent $11 today between the 2 stores and got 11 books, 1 board game and a toy computer (for baby entertainment:).

The game? My ultimate, very favorite childhood game. The Game of LIFE!!! Yea! We put E down for her nap and I talked all 3 of my favorite guys into playing with me. Aren't they sweet? The boys loved it. And Zakkai crushed us as usual. He has such a knack for games!

A note about the 2 pictures above. I was watching Missy play the piano and thought, "I should capture this moment well, because she's adorable and also just in case she plays the piano someday. I can say this was the beginning of it all...."

Can't you just picture the great Concert Pianist Eliana Thomas? Such a ring to it...;)

And this, while also adorable, is why we put bows in her hair. Of which she wants 54 at a time lately:)

Happy Weekend!

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