Saturday, June 2, 2012

Weekend highlights

Howdy. It's been such a busy weekend so far and while I have only one picture to show you (Thanks to a friend!), sadly, I will spell it out for you! (Thankfully pictures should be coming again next week!!)

On Friday, Samuel had his very last hour of school. He was SO sad about not seeing his teacher again and most of his friends for the summe that he broke down and cried a little while later:(

This is his very sweet and wonderful teacher, Mrs S! She, as you can see, was very teary, too, and told me that it was a really special group of kids this year and she will miss them all. She said Samuel was so sweet and she was so glad to have him this year. We will miss having her as our teacher and pray we get just as good of one next year!

After school, I dragged the kiddos grocery shopping which they were soooo thrilled to be a part of....n.o.t.  We were all pretty tired and thankful for a rest after lunch. The boys and I had some good quiet time reading new library books and coloring.

Then we got recharged for our slumber party! We all played outside with neighbors (or chatted, in my case;) and then enjoyed some deeeeelicious homemade pizza (reg and Hawaiian!). After we got Miss Moose tucked away, we all climbed onto the pull-out couch, cozy in our jammies with bowls of sundaes! Mmmm. We enjoyed our ice cream treat while watching a "new" (to us) movie called "Oliver and Company." It was fun to hear the boys giggle and enjoy it:)

Daddy and Zakkai nestled down in sleeping bags on the floor and Samuel and I got the whole couch bed to ourselves! I was woken up only a couple of hours later by Ben, who marched upstairs with pillow in hand, citing irreconcilable differences with the floor:) Just before 5 this morning, Zakkai climbed over Samuel and I and wiggled and wormed his way between us, breathing heavily. Thankfully we were able to fall back asleep for a little while:) It was a fun night for us!
This morning we got up and went to an annual local parade called the Pet Parade! Last year we were moving in on the same day so we didn't get to go but we made it this year. It's a normal parade with fire engines, marching bands and clowns but with a lot of dogs, a few horses and a llama thrown in! The boys got lots of candy and little treasures and Missy got to see lots of her very favorite animal:)

This afternoon, while E was napping and the boys were having fun playing with neighbor kids, I went to the memorial service for my neighbor, who passed away this week. It was really sad. He was a really nice man, who made a point to come meet us right away after we moved here, brought popsicles for the boys over the summer and had special treats just for our kiddos on Halloween night. We've been trying to reach out to his wife this week, to show her we care and I was glad to see that there were a few close neighbors at the service today. She held herself together so well, despite it being an incredibly long and hard week but towards the end, my heart broke into pieces to see her folded over just sobbing:( If you have a moment, please lift up my neighbor in her grief and also that we would know how to reach out to her.

So it was a mixed day today, happy and sad. And tomorrow, we hope to get a chance to spend some time with some friends of ours, which will be a great end to our weekend. And then?

Summer begins!

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grandma said...

I guess that was all in one day. What a day. It seemed like a really fun day for kiddos. Two of our friends went home with the Lord. Grandpa is doing the furneral for one on Sat. Its always mixed feelings when someone goes. We know where they are but its sad for us down here to lose them.