Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sweet Girls and Perms.

I took these pictures a few weeks ago and since my brain isn't forming coherant thoughts at the moment (this happens at least once a day!), you can enjoy a sweet little girl instead:)

Watching the train go by. Love the way the sun shines on her golden hair!

Her hair is growing SO long! She gets a really cool Carol Brady mullet in the bathtub:) And there are curls at the bottom, especially when it's humid out. It's amazing to me, considering I've never had anything but stick straight hair.

Barring that perm I got when I was about 8.....that fell out the next day and left only a puff of fluffy, curly bangs.

I try to forget that time in my life.

Love this sweet, precious girl! I will never ever perm her hair...

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Charity said...

Hehehe, I remember your curly bangs. You just wanted to have curls like me. :) Oh the things we do as pre-teens. I am so horrified of most of the pictures I find of myself at that age. I didn't know how to control my curls AND I was the skinniest little bean pole I've ever seen. No wonder my mom wouldn't let me wear stretch pants when they were in style.