Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shoes and Kale

It's been a wonderful day here! Obviously this kind of day doesn't happen too often or I wouldn't be so excited about it:) It wasn't just a good day or a pleasant day but one of those days where lots of little blessings come and they fill your heart with joy!

First we spent the morning at one of S's friend's house where the boys got to spend the morning swimming in a small pool. They had such a good time! Eliana enjoyed watching them and climbing on and off kid-sized chairs:)

She has really been into trying on the boys' shoes and walking around in them lately! She tries so hard to get them on, asks for help from whomever is nearby and then clomps around and around the house in them, periodically asking for a re-shoeing.

Checkin' herself out in Samuel's brand-new shoes! I could've sworn I JUST bought the boys new shoes. Actually I did. Not even 3 months ago. Want to see why we had to buy Samuel shoes?

And a closer look......

This kid is tough on shoes!! He runs and plays and jumps ALL day long so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I was trying to hold him off on a new pair til his birthday but he was actually wearing holes in all of his socks, too, because of these shoes so we had to break down and buy new socks and shoes yesterday.

I'm thinking we might make it til school starts before we have to buy more......sigh.

I had a busy day cleaning again because we showed our place a few more times this afternoon. I actually don't mind (esp when I get plenty of notice!) because it's really nice to have a super clean place!

After all the people left, we got to do something fun that we've been waiting for for weeks! We got all of this produce you see above. Oh, you're wondering why that's fun? No, I'm not loony (well, maybe a little..). We joined a CSA this year, which basically means we bought stock into a farm and they give us produce! We put our budgeted summer produce money into this CSA for a bi-weekly share of some yummy fresh goodness.

So we'll be getting fresh veggies straight from the farm every other week from now through the end of October! We've been so excited about this and have been waiting for our first share. We pick it up at a house only 10 minutes from home and we get weekly emails telling us what we'll be getting, what's happening on the farm and recipes to cook the veggies, many of which we've never tried before!

Today we got things like Kale, broccoli, squash, zucchini, snap peas, spinach, sage, bok choy and a couple other things I haven't identified yet....:) Can't wait try it out!

I just hope the kiddos are just as excited;)

We also got some other good news today that will allow us to breathe a little more freely and not be quite so cramped financially!

So we can hopefully join our family in the big trip this summer to celebrate my grandparent's anniversary!!! We are so excited!

Feels so good to be thankful for lots of little blessings:)

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Charity said...

Ummm, I just had a little heart flutter. I've been praying you could come for the big trip. I just couldn't imagine it without you. I'm so excited that it might just happen.

And also, that CSA farm goodness thing is the absolute COOLEST thing I ever heard. I wish they had something like that around here. I don't think vegetables grow down here in the heat, but I just wonder if there might be something at least partially like that down here. Jess found somewhere to get raw milk and eggs, but it would be SO cool to find somewhere to get farm fresh veggies. Okay, enough writing. Miss you!