Thursday, June 7, 2012

Museum Day!

I debated to myself first thing this morning about whether it was worth the extra drive to go to the Museum of Science and Industry (it was a free day) but when the boys gasped and their eyes lit up, I knew it was the right choice!!

It was fun to talk to them about the neighborhood as we circled around and around looking for a free parking spot. Well, the talking was fun, not the circling:) They were so interested in hearing about us living their for so many years, many years that they mostly can't remember! I pointed out different places that we used to go or where friends lived. It feels like so long ago that it was our life, even though it was just two short....and long years ago.

It was a beautiful day out so we enjoyed the extra hike to the museum. And in my book, well worth having a free spot! They charge for almost every available parking there now!

First stop was the farm area with a real combine and tractor for kids to climb in. Zakkai spotted this combine simulator right away and spent several minutes planting his crop, watching it grow and harvesting it. He grew wheat on a farm in Illinois:)

Next stop was the much-awaited for train room! We always have loved this room with the many electric trains traveling around the scaled-down city of Chicago and beyond.

Samuel sported this look most of the time. I can't tell if it's just him taking stuff in or if he's even enjoying himself or what. After awhile we did have to have a talk about attitude and thankfulness. It's not everyday we get to do fun stuff like this and we won't do much more if we don't have good attitudes!!!

Zakkai just adores the buttons that you can push to interact with some of the train displays. I could hardly tear him away from the tunnel explosion button:)

And of course, little sister had to get out and check out trains, too! She didn't want me to hold her up to see the trains, she wanted to stand right next to her big brothers:) I had to keep SUCH a close eye on her because it was really crowded, due to it being a free day. She got some time to explore and then I had to capture her again:)

We got to watch a chemistry show, which made the boys think of our friend, Mr B., who put on a show for us this past weekend! We got to watch all sorts of neat explosions and different colored fires.

Later Samuel asked me if I wanted to be a chemist when I grow up:) Haha.

The boys liked going through the retired Boeing 727 that hangs from the ceiling. They are very curious about what it's like to fly, as Samuel doesn't remember his last plane trip at 14 months old. Maybe someday....

If we win the lottery.

After checking out the U505 Submarine and watching a baby chick hatch from its egg, we had to checkout the shadow wall where these bubbles fall and go around your shadow. Very cool!

This is Samuel's shadow. And my arm. And the camera....:)

It was a great way to pass a huge chunk of the day! Brought back lots of memories for me, going special places with my little boys. Only now they're big. Sniff!!

It was such a big trip and took over naptime so somebody fell sound asleep before we got home. And to my surprise, wormed her cute little arm out. Stinker!

I carried her in and she slept another 2 hours til I had to wake her up for dinner! I'd call this a successful day:)


grandma said...

What fun..Long, Long time ago we went to museum. Such fun. But I especially loved the picture of sweet little E asleep. She looked like a angel.

Melissa Baird said...

So fun to relive going to the Museum of S & I through your blog! It is amazing to think that those precious years spent there, our kiddos don't remember :( So I am glad that you filled them in on their history!! :) Miss you! Love, Melissa