Sunday, June 24, 2012


Yesterday was a fun day for the boys. We joined a summer reading program at the library a couple of weeks ago which has fueled some serious reading over here~especially with Samuel! They get to mark their reading logs either by time or amount of books (depending on age bracket/reading levels) and for every so many, they get raffle tickets for a big prize at the end and smaller prizes in the middle. Both boys finished their first sections and were begging to go to the library to get their prizes.

So one of our stops yesterday morning was to one of our local libraries (there are 3 within a 10 minute drive!) for prizes:) The librarian even gave Missy one, too. That kept everyone highly entertained for our next two stops!

Then the boys counted down the hours (and minutes!) until we got to go to a friend's birthday party. This was Samuel's very best friend from kindergarten, whom we haven't seen in about 6 months. Apparently the boys weren't the only ones watching the clock intently because Peter's (the bday boy) grandma told me that he could hardly sleep he was so excited that he would get to see Samuel and Zakkai at his party!

All in all, with all the driving included, we were gone for FIVE hours. It was a simple party at a park with balloons for the kids to blow up, big blow up balls and toys to play with, lots of energy and of course, a cake. Doesn't take much to make kids happy!

I am just blown away at the increase in Eliana's vocabulary and communication skills these past couple of weeks! She literally learns several new words a day. She repeats everything that we say to her.

For example: As we were walking out of church today, we were asking her about her time in Sunday school with Zakkai. This is how the conversation went.

me: "Did you have a good day?"
E: "Day?"
me: "Did you play?"
E: "Pay?"
me: "I saw you coloring a picture!"
E: "Pi?"
me: "Mama's so proud of you!"
E: "You!"

She's such a little joy. Except when she exerts her toddler-ese wisdom and independence and throws fits, of course:) She even came up to me today and said, "Hug?" And let me wrap my arms around her soft little, chubby body and give her a big hug!

And last night as I was taking her upstairs for her bath, Ben was saying goodnight to her and told her he loved her and she said, "Bye! Luh you." I could eat her up!

Except Ben would probably fight me for the rights to do that...:)

Ben has decided Zakkai needs to join a theater class someday as a creative outlet for his dramatics:) He definitely has a flare for life....and emotions! We regularly have to talk to him about his yelling and screaming. Most of the time when he's that loud, it's because he feels an injustice has been done (and a lot of times it has! By a certain big brother....). But even his whisper is like talking at normal volume.

He came hobbling inside to show me scraped knee #54 of the summer today. (okay, maybe not 54 but it sure feels like it!!) He was practically dragging his leg behind him, moaning and wailing about how horrible it was. I came to inspect it, certain I would see blood or a gaping hole or something. Nope. Just a pink, slightly scraped knee!

Magically, his tears and theatrics disappeared after a quick clean-up and kiss from daddy. He sailed out the door he'd barely made it through only 3 minutes before:) What a kid! (Oh, and you should see the process we have to go through at bath time to cover up all cuts just in case a single drop of water should land on one!)

And last but not least, my Samuel! He's been really into reading for his library log. Mostly Magic Tree House books, at the moment. He took a break from those for a couple of months but seems to really be enjoying them again. He even brings books to read in the car!

He's picked up this truly obnoxious, scrape-your-fingernails-down-a-chalkboard-whine this week, thanks to a neighbor friend. He's copied the boy's whine down to the pouty mouth and exact high-pitched moan.

I mean, I have seen and heard this other boy do it so many times (who is WAY too old to be whining) and I am amazed at how perfectly Samuel has exacted it. It's really awful. I told him I will not talk to him or respond at all if he whines at me like that. I had to even send him to his room today until he could come out and talk to me like a normal human being.

Ugh. Kids copy off of everything that their friends do and say! Makes you really aware of what you are (and want to) teaching your kids!

Like teaching Zakkai not to copy off of the neighbor kids' oh-so-delighful usage of the word "fart" and "butt."

Have I ever mentioned I grew up with only girls????

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