Saturday, June 16, 2012

Word Pictures

Today is a word picture day for me. Sometimes I have those kinds of days. Days where I don't pick up the camera as much as usual, instead soaking in all the little details with my eyes. Imprinting them into my memory. Listening with my ears.

Here are a few of my memory stamps from today:
* Samuel blowing me a kiss as I was leaving and asking me if I got it. I smiled and teased him saying that it blew around and was on the back of my head. He giggled and said, "It's not going to come off, Mommy. I put super glue on it and that kiss will be on your head forever!" I wish.

*Eliana biting into a juicy, sweet watermelon piece. Sticky, pink juice running down her chin and her dimple playing peek-a-boo as she smiled with joy while enjoying her treat. The sun shining on her golden blond hair and those sweet soft, arms. We'll definitely be having a lot of watermelon this summer!

*Watching the boys play catch with their Daddy. Hearing his patient instruction. Watching their eager eyes focus on the ball, gloved hands up, ready to catch. Dirty knees, sweaty heads, loving life!

*Zakkai begging me to play cars with him for just a few minutes. The joy that flashed through his eyes when I agreed (slightly reluctantly to be honest) and plopped down on the floor next to him. His giggles when I made silly moves that surprised him. His surprisingly realistic car noises. It reminded me to take advantage of these moments that will be but distant memories all too soon.

*Hearing Zakkai tell Samuel that when he grows up, he is going to make pizza on Friday nights just like we do and Samuel can come over and share it with him.

*Ben and I shaking our heads in horror as we listen to our sweet angel use her new favorite words more and more. "NO!" "Huh-uh." Reminding ourselves that we did make it through this stage twice already and we're still alive. (and so are they.) We can do it again. But this is the last time!!

*Watching our 3 munchkins snuggle with blankets in the new (dry) baby pool. One big brother's idea, the little brother's agreement and the little sister's adoration of any plan her brilliant brothers come up with. Sweetness.

Time. Moments. Simplicity. Love. Puts things into perspective.

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