Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Outdoor fun

 Day 3 of summer break passed in busy and lazy fashion:) The boys spend hours outside with neighborhood friends. Literally hours. Like 8.

Seriously, 8! Of course, I remember being a kid long, long ago and spending just as much time out with neighbor buddies: riding bikes, playing hide and seek, playing on our swingset, having picnics, etc.

And I also remember my mom making us go to bed by 7:30, even on those light, summer nights and watching the other kids run by laughing and having a good time from my lonely bedroom window.

And now I understand why my mom did such a cruel thing! Because she needed some peace and quiet for herself before she went to bed. Ah, life comes full circle!!

Missy was a doll in her little cherry dress today! She is such a happy little creature with her books and puzzles and stuffed animals:)

She loves to climb up right next to me anytime I sit down so I snatched a minute to get a picture. She's just getting so big, so quickly.

There's a smile! I cheated and tickled her:) She has really been connecting dots with communication lately, understanding so much more, following directions and of course, learning tons of new words! Today she learned "Cow" "Bubbew" (Bubble) "Haiw" (Hair) and "Tai" (Tail) at least! She shakes her head no when she doesn't want what you are offering (or her other favorite method is to shove it away!) Eliana loves to point out body parts: Eyes, nose, teeth, ears, and the most important...belly buttons!

She is such a little joy!

The boys got soaking wet playing with the hose this afternoon and while Zakkai was taking a long bath to clean off, Samuel begged to start his dinner with his buddy Mikey. Mikey ran home to grab his dinner of 2 hotdogs and grapes (which he didn't eat) and I heard him say, as he was chewing happily, "My mom makes the best hotdogs!" ha!

Samuel enjoyed his salad so much that he asked for seconds! Go figure! Apparently we have a new appreciation for salads in this house:)

We got our apartment inspected today, which apparently is a yearly thing with our landlords. Yet another point in their favor!! Their contractor came over and spent an hour WD-40ing doors, fixing leaky faucets, sealing the toilet, replacing a smoke detector, cleaning the refrigerator coils and more. Wow. It was a good excuse to make sure everything was clean, which I always like. I have much more motivation when someone else is coming over:)

I'm thinking of taking the kiddos to a museum tomorrow (and I didn't tell them so if it doesn't work sadness!) and the boys start soccer on Friday. I could get used to this summer thing.....


Charity said...

Hahaha, I always tell everyone my sob story of watching the neighbor kids play for hours after I had to go to bed.

grandma said...

You two make me laugh. Your mom's probably learned that trick early to bed from me. As I recall thats what I tryed to do. But I had Aunt Judy who would not go to bed. I used to sit by her door and just cry. She would turn on the lights in your Moms room even in the middle of the night. Oh well she turn out to be such a nice person. By the way Heidi your E has the most beautiful blue eyes.

mommyoflove3 said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one, Charity! Grandma, it's hard to believe Aunt Judy was such a little dickens! And thank you about E's eyes:)