Friday, June 22, 2012

More peace!

Thankfully, it has been a much more peaceful day here today. Hectic but not scary! Samuel's rash (called petechiae, for those who were asking~not a heat rash) is starting to fade and I hope I never see it again!!

This morning I sat down around 9 to check my email and got an email that changed my whole day! Our landlords were asking to show our townhouse for potential new neighbors this afternoon from 3-6pm. They had asked if we'd be available about a week ago in case our neighbors (the ones who are moving) wouldn't be ready but we never heard back....until this morning!

I immediately hustled all 3 kiddos upstairs to clean, clean, CLEAN! Well, Eliana got to play:) We worked hard upstairs putting away toys, folding laundry, and breaking up fights. I was doing all of those, including the last one. A certain someone did not have his best day today and spent a lot of time losing toys and privileges due to much yelling, arguing (with me) and talking back. Ugh.

A sneak peak at the certain someone......

We had to take a break from cleaning for the boys' soccer class but after I fed my ever-hungry crew and got Miss E down for a nap, it was back to cleaning! I cleaned for at least 4 hours today! It definitely spurs you on to do a good job when you know your landlords will be walking through your place:)

I needed a good cleaning motivation! Oh, and the best part? We got paid a little bit for our "help" today. Every penny helps these days so we are very thankful. To get paid to clean our own house:)

Yesterday afternoon while I was making dinner and shaking with nerves waiting for the dr's phone call, Little Miss got ahold of a pencil and started to do some damage! Luckily I noticed that she had the pencil pretty quickly and found her a nice big piece of paper to go to town on.

As you can see, she had a great time! She even decided to help distract me by coloring all over the floor and the side of one of our cabinets. So sweet:) Thank goodness for Magic Erasers!!

Despite the busyness of today, throughout the back of my mind I kept processing through yesterday and just feeling immense thankfulness that our sweet boy is healthy and growing!

And a silly note to end on, Eliana was munching on some delicious homemade pizza at dinner and she heard Ben say my name and next thing you know she was saying, "Hy-ee! Hy-ee!" And after 20 or so times of practicing, she had it down pat, scooting around on her ride-on toy yelling, "Hahdee! Hahdee!"

Funny hearing your name coming from the lips of your baby:)

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