Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I wasn't exactly firing on all cylinders yesterday for some reason so maybe it's best that there was no post! We had a busy day but our favorite part was sharing dinner with our very good friends, Mr J and Ms D! Even Eliana got over her funk and had a great time:)

This little cutie pie is putting 2 words together more and more! She says "Buh-bye, Daddy" and "See Mama? (or bear, brother, cup, etc), "Hi, Kai/Sayuel!" (Zakkai/Samuel) and more. So cute to hear this little person actually communicating;)

She's also learned the word "hungry" a few days ago and now as soon as we get her up she says, "Eat? Hungy?" Soooo cute! Of course, it's a good thing she's cute with her dimple and all because she's learning how to become a serious toddler, grocery store tantrums and all.

As in, blueberries ALL over the grocery store floor the other day because I took some food away from her and put it on the conveyor belt. Ai-yai-yai.

Mr. Giggly here has been in stitches over his middle-of-the-night bathroom stories that I share with him. We get him up 2xs a night to pee because he is SUCH a heavy sleeper and we get some pretty funny stories with him almost every night. From saying silly, ridiculous things to yelling at us, to falling in the bathtub if we don't hold him up, sticking his tongue out and even hitting himself!

Glad he can laugh at himself!! :)

Samuel the Sports Master is just beside himself if he doesn't have anyone to join him in his athletic pursuits outside. He claims he absolutely cannot play by himself and even finds it hard to find activities with only 1 or 2 others out with him. Yes, it has to be at least 6 people to be fun apparently.

And here's a picture of my silly, three pool-playin'  muchkins. Pretty cute, I'd say!


Grandma W said...

Been enjoying all the posts these past few days. The stories are priceless. They either make me smile, laugh, or even tear up at times. Love the pics, too. Love to all.

grandma said...

I miss you. We havn't talked lately I wonder why. I guess we are so busy. I wanted you to know you are in my prayers and I love your blog. It makes me feel closer to you. We all are still praying for you to come to Co. I know the Lord will anwser our prayers. Hugs to you all. Gram