Saturday, June 9, 2012

Splashin' Fun!

 Some things I just love about summer so far:

*Sleeping in past 6:30 (except on workout days:)

*Not having to pack lunches!

*Planning fun activities that we haven't gotten to do in a very long time


*Shorts, dresses, cute little baby legs, and sun hats

*Fresh fruit!


*Pure joy on my boys' faces while playing tag and having a great time outside

Things I do NOT love:

*Applying sunscreen every single day to the kiddos. To the boys this amounts to pure torture. To Eliana it is pure joy. Go figure.

*Bandaids. We go through many bandaids with all of the scrapes and falls that happen during the above mentioned tag and other games. And oh, how children love bandaids...

*Dirty feet.

*Having to give showers and/or baths every night because they smell like puppies.

*When it gets too hot and we have to close everything up and turn on the A/C.


But there is definitely a lot more to love than not to love!! The boys started a small soccer class yesterday through the Parks District!

Samuel was a little nervous but really glad tbe in a class with his bro (they are the 2 in red hats. As a matter of fact, just look for the red hats in most of our summer pics!) They had a GREAT time!! So glad we could get them involved in at least one thing this month.

Eliana enjoyed watching her brothers, sneaking sips out of Zakkai's cup and trying to push the stroller:)

In the late afternoon, Ben stopped work early and we went to a splash park! This was E's first time in her adorable swimming suit. Too bad she hated the sprinklers and wouldn't go near them:(

But the boys were SOOO excited! It took them about 10-15 minutes to actually get wet...other than a few sprinkles. I looked at this picture and totally thought it was Samuel. How did Zakkai get so big??

The blue circle he is stepping on is the button that activates the flower sprinklers and jet streams. He's waiting anxiously..

Here comes brother to the rescue to help!

Missy decided she's rather sit with us and watch....until we took her to the playground;)

Gosh, that little tush is cute!! She climbed up the stairs and went down on the slide with one of us over and over and over. She loves playgrounds!

Samuel told us he did NOT want to go and would sit out the entire time because we dared to pull him away from his friends at home. Right. Anyone else see the pure joy on his face and the sopping wet shirt?!

Samuel and Missy peeking down at me:)

Before we left to go eat our homemade pizza, we walked over to the gazebo and looked out at the pretty lake and ducks. We'll definitely be back!

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