Monday, June 11, 2012

A Kid Again.

You know, I'm wondering something. Why is it that your energy level goes down as you get older when it seems like you need more?!

My kiddos wake up chirping anywhere from 6:15-7:15. They are raring to go. And that's after non-stop play and fun from the day before. They never stop! Whereas I have to pry my eyelids open one at a time when I hear the breath-y voice of one of the boys right in my ear, "Mommy? Mommy? Can we play yet?"

Wish I could bottle some of that up!

Eliana is growing right before our eyes! I looked at her today and thought "She's getting a neck!" And when they grow necks, they start to look so big. I wish it wasn't happening so fast.

Eliana is starting to put two words together!! Tonight for the first time she said, "Yook, Dada!" and "See Mama?" She's always been trying hard to say "Buh-bye, Dada" but it comes out more like, "Duh dye dada da." Those B's and D's are hard and that's a lot of syllables!

She also got her first knee scrape today:( She tripped over a toy car outside and had to get her very first band aid. She didn't like having a stinging knee and it put a bit of a damper on her fun for awhile. But then she got over it after her belly was nice and full after dinner:)

Samuel is changing SO much, too. He is so into playing with friends these days that it's honestly a little annoying. He rolls his eyes and gets this "Ugh!" attitude when we tell him we're going to do family stuff or he has to come inside. (which we have cracked down on, let me tell you!!!) And if no one is out to play, he CANNOT figure out what to do with himself and I have to hear 42 complaints about how there's nothing to do and he's boooorrrreeeeddd.

Bored? How about some chores?! Got plenty of those!

No pictures of Zakkai today, as he is anti-photography but instead a random strange picture that I don't remember taking! Interesting anyways:)

Zakkai has been laughing a lot lately. He gets himself so silly over ridiculous things and giggles and giggles. He has a really great laugh! He has also really been into playing with his cars lately and says that's his favorite thing to do. When his brother and the neighborhood kids start badgering him to come play and tell him that playing with cars is "BOR-ING," I tell him not to listen and if he wants to play cars, he can!

He usually caves in to peer pressure after awhile and runs around til he's hot and sweaty:) Today Foosie and I went out to be kids for awhile. I got roped into playing "Simon Says" "Red Light, Green Light" and "TV tag." They literally jumped up and down and cheered when I volunteered to play with them. Nice to be wanted and have my own fan club!

I did have to become an adult again and make dinner instead of playing Hopscotch but I at least got it all set up for them. I'm glad there are so many friends nearby for the boys (and occasionally me?) to play with.

I hope it'll be a good summer!

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