Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hairy Boys.

I found this picture on my computer from almost exactly one year ago. Where in the world did my baby go???

Now she talks, she throws tantrums, she climbs all over everything, she walks, she tries to run, she has bruises on her forehead, chin and legs from her falls, she has glasses and she bosses her brothers! Can't even imagine what she'll be like a year from now...

Today was Samuel's last full day of school! He is really sad about ending the school year and saying good-bye to his friends for the summer. Not that he won't see some of them for playdates! Tomorrow he goes for one hour. Isn't that just the silliest thing you've ever heard?

Then we kick off our summer (still hasn't sunk in for me yet!) with our special slumber party! I'll try to have Ben take some pictures on his phone for memories:)

After school, we braved the rainy, nasty cold day and went to the library for books. Because you can never have enough books! We spent our time in the children's library. Eliana LOVED being free from the stroller but it's quite a chore to keep her from taking a hundred books off the shelves and leaving them around in disarray. She also tried to escape out the doors behind some other lady! Girl wears me out:)

Before I fed my ever-hungry children, I finally did what needed to be done long ago: cut the boys hair. I only wish you could be a fly on the wall during this tedious process. If you were blind, it would sound like we had tied the boys to a chair and were plucking out their toenails one by one. Seriously.

I tried bribing them with stars for their reward jars if they didn't scream and cry. Both of them cried. But at last they were clean and a lot less hairy and we have at least 6 weeks before we have to do it again.

I think it'll be Ben's turn next time:)

Now I'm going to recuperate. Busy day (and night) tomorrow!

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Grandma W said...

Where does the time go? I love this picture. I read your blog everyday - but have not been commenting as makes my day to hear about the things the boys and E do and say. Please keep the posts coming. Love to all.