Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day of Fun!

Today was such a great day!! We went to church this morning and Eliana did really well in with Zakkai's class! She cried at first, which was hard but then she got so into playing that she didn't want to leave. She greeted me with a smile which warmed my old heart right up because usually she would greet us with a red, blotchy, snot-smeared face and burst into tears and be totally off for the rest of the day.

I'm hoping that things will continue to go well! It was almost a new experience to actually sit in the sanctuary and listen to an entire sermon without interruption:)

After church we made an emergency gas and diaper run and then changed into comfy clothes for the best part of our day!! We spent the whole rest of the day with our wonderful friends, Mr B and Ms E! They so kindly treated us to lunch at a fun train restaurant. There's nothing like getting your food delivered to you on a train:) Zakkai became instant buddies with them right away, which I love to see.

After lunch we headed over to a nearby festival to walk around and enjoy the sights. We saw lots of carnival rides that scared most of us to pieces:) The food part of the festival was closed but we made even better plans! Our friend Mr B. works close by as a chemistry professor and he took us to his work to show off.

He put on some REALLY cool experiments for the boys, which we thoroughly enjoyed, too! You can't go wrong with liquid nitrogen, balloons, hydrogen and matches. We learned what liquid nitrogen does to objects, the difference between and air-filled balloon and a hydrogen filled one (one sinks, one floats really high really fast!). We got to cover our ears and watch a match explode the hydrogen-filled balloon which was really cool.

We saw Menthos make pop fizz out of a bottle and even cheered on our friend as he shattered a nitrogen-frozen rubber tube on the floor!

But my favorite part was watching him dump out the rest of the liquid nitrogen on the floor and seeing the "steam" and bubbles racing around, almost like live little creatures. And 2 minutes later, the floor was dry like nothing had ever touched it at all. So cool! And thankfully, no one burned their fingers off....

We had so much fun exploring the science building with our very knowledgeable and esteemed Dr Chemist:) The boys really had a blast and when asked if they'd had a good time, answered with an enthusiastic "YES!!"

But our great day wasn't finished yet! We finished with sorbet treats at a beeeeeeeeauuuuutiful park by a lake and a high school that looks exactly like Hogwarts:)

So thank you so much, dear friends, for making our day so very wonderful and filling it with excitement, your kindness and so many blessings!! Can't wait to see you again soon!

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grandma said...

I always forget to ask. Are you going to same church. Or did you find a new one. Have you tried to go to any young couples group. You could meet some new friends maybe. It sounds like you had sooo much fun with your old friends. Are they friends you made when you lived downtown?