Wednesday, June 20, 2012

20 Months.

Today our little girl is 20 months old. I know that sounds pretty silly, to even acknowledge it, let alone count the months! I stop counting months usually by 1 1/2. It sounds pretty silly to say "My child is 37 months old." (please take note. It really does sounds silly.)

So I'm not that crazy but it still jolts me every month when I realize she's not a baby, baby anymore. She's FOUR months away from turning 2. How is that even possible?!

This little ham is like a queen sitting on her thrown, demanding the court jesters (that would be the rest of us) to entertain her and make her laugh. We may possibly have spoiled her a little bit. A teeny, tiny bit.


But how could you possibly resist this aboslutely adorable little face and a sweet, high-pitched little voice saying things like, "Eat? Hungy?" "Mama? Book?" "Hug?" (a new word tonight!)

I know we can't! Even her brother's can't. She's the princess, after all.

Eliana loves to play with Mr Potato head, do puzzles, read books (for long minutes several times a day!), carry around stuffed animals or Baby, be carried around, go on walks, make faces with her brothers, eat, climb on the couch and so many other things.

She's baby and independent toddler all rolled into one, warring with each other. With a dimple thrown in. Have I ever mentioned how much I adore her dimple??

Our family was made complete with this sweet little gift and we can't imagine how we ever got along without her!

We love you, Missy Girl!

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Aunt t said...

So special! I pray we can meet her in August!