Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pigtails n' ice cream!

Thank you all so much for your compliments on my glasses!! I don't know why I get so self-conscious around you; you're always so sweet to me:) Funny story about those glasses, as I told you I picked them up off the kid's display but didn't notice, until I picked them up, that the name of them is "High School Musical." Ha!

How did I figure it out, you ask? The bright orange case with the name emblazoned across the front with a cheezy picture was a dead give-away:) Ben likes my new "cool" glasses and didn't tell me until after I got them that he didn't like my old pair and thought they were "boring." haha! Anyways, thanks for making my day!

Zakkai and Eliana are like 2 peas in a pod lately! Their bonding started in OH and has continued on. Seems like they're rarely less than a foot apart! (sometimes whether one of them wants to be or not....) E started saying Zakkai's name yesterday! We hear "Dai" all the time now. (sounds like the last part of his name. She likes her "D's!")

And what, may I ask you, is cuter than a little girl with pigtails?! Love that her hair is long enough to do fun things with AND, most importantly, that she lets me:)

See what I mean about them being stuck like glue? This would be Zakkai in time-out:) Eliana decided to join her "Dai."

Daddy surprise-treated us to an ice cream cone tonight! Zakkai had....oh, you know you guessed it~chocolate! He ate every bite, except what was on his chin, his nose and his shoulder. (don't ask.)

Samuel had "Blue Moon" ice cream but we never did figure out what it tasted like because he refused to share even the tiniest bite!

We call this Missy's Aviator hat:) She looks like one of those old-fashioned pilots with that hat and now with her glasses on. And she wears this hat ALL time! She begs for it at home and wears it around the house. So funny!


aunt t said...

Love the glasses you picked out for yourself! Samuel is so handsome!

grandma said...

I think that picture of E with the pig tails is about the cutest. I agree with Aunt T about S he is so handsome. Z is sporty handsome. In others you two have great looking Kido's.