Saturday, April 21, 2012

Little Happenings.

Haloo, I'm back! It's harder for me to write on Friday nights since it's the small window of time our family gets to spend together between Wednesday and Sunday. We treasure that time!

Yesterday morning, B took Zakkai out for a doughnut before work! Zakkai earned a prize recently and that's the card he chose:) Anyone taking bets on what flavor he got?? Oh, it wouldn't be a fair guess anyways. Zakkai+Chocolate=Luv.

Look how tall he looks! And look at that handsome hubby of mine! He's been working out the past few weeks regularly. Lookin' Good!

We were given 2 sleeping bags recently and the boys pulled them out today to play with. They've been dying to use them! Someone else thought they were pretty fun, too:)

"Just reading some books, don't mind me...."

The boys also were given some beanbag chairs last weekend, too. They've been a great addition to their room! They love to sit in them and read and guess what else? Tonight they are even sleeping in them. That's right!

They've been begging me all week for a chance to test them out overnight and I told them it couldn't be a school night so tonight's the night! I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to sneak in there in a little while and take a picture for you:)

I'm beat after a long busy day so I'm now going to treat myself to a girlie movie and some ice cream! Don't tell!

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