Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Goodbye, Dr.

 Oh, what a day! I took E and Z for their much-delayed check-ups at the doctors today right after dropping S off at school. It was our very last visit to our pediatrician down in HP where we used to live. For almost 2 years now we have faithfully made the trek down there even though frustrated by the distance and lack of quality people skills that we come in contact with (pedi excluded.)

But our last straw came when, on the day of my surgery, E was so sick and once again we couldn't get an appointment or anyone to return our calls. So we had to take her to the ER instead.

So today I had to break the news to our pedi that this was our last visit and it was really hard for me! I felt like I was betraying her or something. We've been with her for 6 years now; she first met Samuel and I right when I diagnosed with my hyperthyroidism and she helped me get into an endocrinologist. She saw us through the birth of 2 babies, Ben's mugging, various illnesses, healthy check-ups, etc.

She told me today that we are one of her favorite families and that she thinks we're doing a good job with our kiddos. I could see that she was a little teary, just like I was, and I hope I was able to get across how much she has meant to us even when our opinions differed at times. We'll miss you, Dr G.

E screamed her way through the appointment, leaving me with a horrendous, knock-you-down headache for the remainder of the day. Seriously, this girl has lungs. Somehow we managed to get a healthy report, despite the crocodile tears:) She's officially petite like her mama, at 21 lbs 2 oz and 30 inches tall! That's about 10th %.

She fell asleep in about 2.4 seconds tonight after such a trying day!

Zakkai is happy to report that he is a healthy, happy, growing 5 year old who doesn't have to get any more shots!!! Well, for 6 years anyways:) He was thrilled to pieces over that;)

He also, we discovered, has allergies of some sort, which I have been questioning for awhile. He is constantly congested or runny and has troubles breathing while he sleeps or eats. The dr took one look into his mouth and couldn't believe how big his tonsils were and said it was amazing he could even breathe! So Mr Z will be going on claritin for awhile to see if that helps.

Today I was given a free old dollhouse for Eliana! It's in pretty rough condition and needs some TLC but I think it will be so cute after I finish with it! It's wooden and comes with wooden furniture and little clothespin dolls. I'll take pics after I finish!

Of course, I probably shouldn't be adding another project to my huge pile of unfinished ones.....There are just so many things I want to do!

And never enough time in the day.

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