Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The News of the Day

In today's household news:

*I cannot find my camera/computer cord to transfer pictures! I have 5 people I could cast the blame on.....but it's probably really just my fault:)

*Eliana has started saying "Dan Dyu" (Thank you) and "Oh myyyyy" (Oh my!), "Bow" and "Bah" (Ball) and "Ni" (Nice) just in the past few days! She's definitely not as quick to talk like her brothers were but maybe they just talk a lot for her....:)

*Samuel had "Success Night" last night at school and got to show us around! (pics on my camera). It's fun to see his classroom and see evidence of his hard work. Love the pride that shone from his eyes as he got to show off for us! I just adore his teacher and pray both boys get a great one next year.

*Zakkai got a giftcard in the mail for a belated b-day present and chose to buy a remote control car. He is having such a good time with it that we're having a hard time getting him to go outside!! He wants to take care of it and have it last "forever."

*We're making a speedy trip to Oh this weekend for my sister's baby shower. I've been working hard on some fun things for it...:) Only one more month til my little niece makes her appearance, maybe in time for Mother's Day!

*We get stopped everywhere we go now so people can tell us how cute Missy is in her glasses:) I guess you don't see a little person in glasses very often! Especially pink ones. On a really cute, little face.

*As I was tucking Zakkai into bed just a hour ago, he gave me a big squeeze (he's a great hugger!) and then said, "Mommy, let's tickle each other! 1-2-3-GO!" I won everytime:) It's great to hear that joyful belly laugh!

I'm so glad I get to capture all of these memories here because they slip my mind all too quickly! The joys of getting older....


grandma said...

Love the picture of you and E. How cute is that. Can hardly wait until Sunday. Big Shower. Looking so forward to our 10 or 11th GreatGrand. So blessed are we.

harmony said...

whoa! i, too, love love love this pic of you and E! so precious!