Monday, April 9, 2012

Park Play!

It was a different Monday today because both Ben and Zakkai had school off. So Ben walked down to the library to work in a child-less, hopefully quieter working environment and Zakkai had a buddy over to play!

Zakkai woke up not feeling the best today but perked up immediately after breakfast.  I was really glad that he could enjoy having a friend over. They played cars, trains (yea!), legos, collected rocks, rode scooters and more! Zakkai doesn't often get to do the little boy things that he wants to do anymore so it made my heart SOO happy to hear him playing with happy company:)

The boys got much-needed haircuts tonight much to their dismay. I took before and after pics so I could show them (and you after I upload them:) They start to look like shaggy, wild animals 6-8 weeks after a haircut and today was no exception! When we remembered that Samuel had picture day tomorrow, it was a great incentive to get movin'! They acted like we were torturing them and plucking out hairs one by one. You should have heard the screaming that came  out of Zakkai's mouth!

On second thought, be glad you weren't here.

Eliana is so obsessed with going outside! She can't even stand it if she thinks someone is going without her. She is constantly begging for her coat and hat and even tried to persuade us to put on TWO coats yesterday:) Today for the first time, she dragged over my jacket, which I'd forgotten to hang up. There was much pleading and tears as she desperately tried to get across that she wanted to go out NOW! 
 (I just hate that some of her cutest pictures are ruined by a glare on her glasses:( Darn camera!)

Yesterday after a lovely Easter meal, we went to the park to work off some food so we could sample some chocolate pie later.

 It was really good. Mmmm.

Eliana did tons of climbing as you can see.....

Through tunnels, up the stairs, down the slides (with much intervention and life-saving by yours truly.) She had a blast!

Samuel spent almost the entire time swinging. It's his newfound love! He tells me he swings all of recess at school, too:) Love that he's having so much fun!

Such a far cry from the little boy who hated swings even as a baby. I don't think he believes me:)

Zakkai spent his time throwing the baseball with daddy and rolling the baseball up the slide. He isn't much for pictures these days so I have to be stealth and sneaky.

He's pretty proud of how tall he is getting and how good and monkey-like he is with climbing:) They grow up SO fast.


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