Thursday, April 12, 2012

Picture Post!

 I have Thursday poop-brain, which happens after many long, busy, solo hours! Please excuse me:) Instead of boring you with my brain mush, I'll share pictures instead...

Here is my dearest in his new glasses! It took him a little while to adjust to the big difference in prescription but now he is enjoying showing off his new "seeing skills." Ha:)

I had the boys give me some before and after haircut shots the other day. They really hammed it up and the pictures are terrible but still funny:) This is Samuel's interpretation on "haircut."

And after being shorn. He kept saying he wanted to keep his hair but we told him we just couldn't let him stay looking like a wild animal:) Parental duties and all that...

The real wild animal! He fought tooth and nail during the whole process. Wow, this kiddo has lungs, stamina and strong will. But at least he has less hair now!

His after shot, puffy red eyes and all:( He's recovered fully now and looks quite handsome!

Samuel and his "twin" at Success Night! Each student had a twin they made in art class that was sitting at their desk. We got to take him home and he is currently residing in the kitchen:)

Samuel has a special story hanging in the hallway called "The Baseball Game" and it's all about when Daddy took him to the Reds game last summer! So cute. I didn't think to take a picture with S and his teacher until after we had left but soon I will. She's the greatest!

And last but certainly not least, the cutest baby girl ever! She looks SO big in this picture! She is really growing and changing so much. I just love her pigtails. (I know I told you that already but you have to bear with me!)

Someone asked me today if E's glasses were prescription glasses and after I told that to B, he said someone asked him the other day if her glasses were real. Seriously? You think we're accessorizing our baby? Sorry, that's just kind of strange!

Or maybe it's the new trend and we're really cool....

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harmony said...

funny about E's glasses! i have been noticing them on kids a lot lately. just this week i've seen them in hot pink and navy blue! no lie. i know they are real which makes them that much cuter! when i was little, my only option was to wear a patch... again, no lie. lol.