Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Love. What a simple word. What a wealth of meaning. Let me tell you what Love is to me today.

Love is:

*Getting up 7 times in the night with the baby when she's sick. Several nights in a row.

*Letting me squeeze your hand in the night when the pain is so bad I can't stand it.

*Getting up and going to work in the morning when you haven't had good sleep in 4 nights.

*Forgiving when you're both so overwhelmed and tired that you start snapping at each other.

*Falling asleep holding hands when you're too tired to say another word.

*Carrying your wife up the stairs when she can't walk.

*Laughing when the only other choice is crying.

*The glue that binds you through sickness and health, richness and poorness, happy times and bad times.

*Commitment to stick by your side and do the right thing even when it's the last thing you want to do.

*Setting aside your pride and saying "I'm Sorry" first.

*Putting up with you even when you look like this:

*Trying every single day to become more like Jesus, the ultimate example of Love.

*Never-ending. Beautiful. Selfless. Life-Changing.

Love is YOU, Ben Thomas. I'm sorry I can't make this a special day for you or even an easy day but I can tell you what's in my heart. The heart that belongs to you. Happy Birthday.


"Rising above wordly standards;
Choosing to obey our Master.
Laying down your life;
Forgiving and encouraging.
Smiling and learning to laugh;
Romancing and celebrating.
Giving without expectations;
Being content, sacrificing.
Believing, praying, loving,
Because He first loved us."



BThomas said...

Your heart is the best gift!

Charity said...

you brought tears to my eyes. so well said.
Happy Birthday Ben! And Happy "Love" Day to you all.

grandma said...

Just read your beautiful tribute to Ben. Heidi we have been praying for you so. This is not fun to go through but it will be over soon. Everyday it gets a little better. And arn't we thankful for our wonderful mates. We Love you.