Sunday, April 29, 2012


 Another weekend gone in a flash! We spent a good portion of the day with my cousin before he left to go back home. We didn't see him much this weekend but were happy to have a chance to chat and get to know each other as "grown-ups." :)

The boys, as always, soaked up any attention he threw their way like little puppies. I swear we pay attention to them! Here are a couple cell phone pics from this past week.

The boys being randomly random in the car. They suddenly started saying "Ooooh" to each other and cracking up! I just like the picture because I think they look so much alike. We don't get asked if they are twins nearly as much anymore since they are separated more but every once in awhile someone does question..

Now that Missy can walk, she thinks it's such fun to take walks. Sometimes when we have time to kill, we put on her coat and just let her walk down the sidewalk as far as her little legs can carry her. She stops to look at flowers or for "Teet Teets" (Birds) and just soaks in everything around her. She is definitely in her element when she can walk and be free outside!!

I think she looks so darn cute just marching along the sidewalk with her little arm swinging like a real little person:) Not that she's not a real little person. You know what I mean! I hope.

Tonight as I came downstairs from tucking everyone in bed and looked around me at the floor littered with toys and Ben's work paraphernalia, I started to sigh in frustration and then thought, "Actually, I should be thankful for the evidence of life in this home! I would be really lonely without my wonderful husband and my sweet children."

It's nice to have good perspective every once in awhile:)

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