Saturday, April 28, 2012

Old Before Time.

 Whew! Another Saturday survived....barely. Our morning was decent but the boys got seriously cagey this afternoon since the weather wasn't the best today and we were stuck inside. I about pulled out my hair by mid-afternoon but somehow, it is bedtime and we ended our day peacefully. Grace!

This pic is for my Gma:) I thought you would enjoy seeing your grandson having bonding time with Miss E! For some reason, Eliana takes to men much easier than women. I really hope this isn't a forboding of the future....ha! We think it is because guys tend to hang back when they see a kid and say "Hey" while women are prone to rushing up, wanting to touch or get close, which she doesn't react well to. That's B's latest theory anyways!

* Samuel is in running club at school, a "club" that meets the second half of lunchtime to run laps around the track. You get a special necklace with a foot charm for every mile you run. Samuel finally got his necklace yesterday and he is SO proud! He has 3 charms already! He reluctantly takes the necklace off at nighttime but I told him we'd take a picture tomorrow to show off for you:)

*Zakkai only has about 3 weeks of school left until he's out for the summer! He is incredibly excited about "graduation" and tells me they are secretly practicing songs at school but I am not allowed to hear them yet. (Although I can tell he's dying to sing them for me!) I cannot believe he is going to start kindergarten in the fall. Wow.

*Eliana has progressed from saying "Dai" (for Zakkai) to "Kai" now. It's like she went through a crazy physical growth where she learned how to walk and climb and become really, really busy and she wasn't saying too many new words. But now she is repeating a ton of words! The boys get so excited when they hear her saying something new:) In the past few days she has added  "Do si?" (Go Outside?) "Bye" "Eat" "Hep" (help) "Cacka" (Cracker) and more. She's even started adding a word onto her favorite expression of "Uh-oh!" So today she wanted her shoes on so she said, "Uh-oh! Doo!" (uh-oh! Shoe!) She is changing so fast.

*I have noticed even more healing in my foot lately, which is nice! For a few weeks after I started walking again, I experienced so much discomfort in both of my feet as I learned how to walk again. My whole left leg was very weak and shaky and I put too much pressure on my right (good) foot so everything was totally thrown off. I would be hobbling so bad by the end of the day but I am finally getting stronger and able to last longer distances! The only problem is that my whole body is so much weaker from almost FIVE (can you believe it?) months of injury that I am having constant muscle strains. My body hates me!! I am trying to get everything healed so I can get back to working out and not be a 90 year old stuck in a 30 year old's body.

Or maybe it's a 30 year old stuck in a 90 year old's know what I mean!

Basically, I'm old. ha! Now I'm going to enjoy my peace and quiet and rest my old, weary bones:) Have a good night!

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grandma said...

Just saw picture of David and E. How cute is that. David is so good with Kidos. I agree about holding back when you are with a little one. They come to you in their time. It seems as though Kristiana is going to be a Mommy very soon. Lots of signs Can hardly wait. Love to all.