Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Fog

Wal-aphed is my new best friend. That is the Walgreen's version of Sudafed, if you weren't sure. Walgreens pretty much takes the first part of any brand name medicine off and replaces it with "Wal." So if you have a headache, don't forget to get your "Wal-ynol." Or maybe some "Wal-inex" for your congestion. Or perhaps some "Wal-obismol" for your upset stomach?

Sorry. Anyways, for 2 days now, I've suffered from the worst headaches and have felt so foggy. I probably should re-read my post from last night to see if it makes any sense!! After 3 rounds of headache medicine today, I finally decided to take the above mentioned wonder drug and was just amazed at how much it helped me! All of the sudden a cloud just lifted off of me and I could think for the first time and had a little energy to clean.

Which I really need to do since we're having company soon! Wouldn't want to scare my cuz away with our mess:)

Moosie is going through a Mommy Phase right now, which is hard for Ben! I admit (secretly) that it's a little bit of a relief for her to want to be with me since she really pulled away from me after my surgery. She really clung to her Mugga and to Ben and I was just the stranger lady bumming around on the couch with her foot in the air. Perfectly acceptable to show a good toy to, possibly look at a book with and help with homework but that's about it!

It feels nice to be loved. Well, except for at dinner time because it's really hard to cook dinner with a toddler hanging off your leg. Try it sometime.

While I was finishing up making dinner tonight, Ben went outside to play ball with the boys and some neighbor friends. They had such a good time that I had a hard time wanting to call them in! Love these beautiful days!

Here are my "remember stories" for today:

1) This morning, Zakkai was talking about plants in the backyard. I have no idea why but he loves to talk so it shouldn't surprise me:) Anyways, he said he wanted to plant a bush except not one like in the backyard with the prickles on it.

I said, "Oh, that has thorns because it's a rose bush."

He said, "A Gross bush???!" haha!

2) Eliana realizing we were about to go outside and yelling "Do, do, dooo!" (Go, go, gooo!) I've never had a child who loved to put their coat on so much. I've never once had a fight out of her over getting a coat or snowsuit or hat on. Well, except for her sunhats. We're still working on that;)

3) Zakkai got his very first library card today!! He laboriously printed his name on the back and decided we need to go to the library tomorrow. Again. Just so he can take some books out on his card:) It's fun to be 5!

4) Samuel has been reading to Zakkai a lot lately, especially in the mornings before we get up. So cute! He also helps him tie his shoes.

5) Eliana is becoming obsessed with her belly button:) She can hardly even see it over her big buddha-belly but her little finger tries to find it, especially when she's in her birthday suit for bathtime. She thinks it's hysterical! She also points to her eyes, ears and mouth now.

 6) Zakkai went over to a neighbor that we don't know and told him he needed to repark his car because it was crooked. If I had any pride left, it would be smarting right about now! ha!

Well, that's all my brain will remember for today! I'm sure I'll remember something I forgot after I go to bed. It always happens that way:)

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