Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Back to Busyness.

 I am bone-tired tonight! It was a pretty busy day, probably my most busy day since walking and taking over duties.

*Zakkai had kindergarten screening this morning. He was very excited to see his school for next year. The teacher said that he is very good with numbers and asked if we see that with him at home. I told her that we have recently noticed an increasing interest in math with him. He definitely does NOT get that from his mama!

She encouraged us to work on letter sounds with him, even allowing him to watch Leap Frog's "The Letter Factory" to help. Luckily, we have the DVD so he got to watch it this morning. Poor kid:)

*Eliana is on day 6 of her cold and seems to be fighting an infection now. She was running like a faucet until yesterday afternoon when her nose suddenly got blocked up. She's had a fever off and on all day and has been pretty clingy. I really hope she can shake this soon so we can avoid a dr's visit!

*I had my last post-op appointment today! The dr is pleased with my progress and has referred me to have a session of PT for exercises and "gait training." I am having trouble walking on my foot properly which shouldn't be surprising since it hasn't been "normal" for 4 months now! Even if I have a crazy foot for the rest of my life, I am still so thankful to be walking and will not take it for granted!!

The boys got to play a little WII on Sunday:) They were tandem-bike racing and even though this pic is blurry, I just love how much Zakkai gets into it!!

 Little Miss still likes to remind us who's boss by ocasionally ripping out her bows or taking her glasses off:) She is doing really great with her glasses for the most part~only taking them off when really mad or having a moment of orneriness. We don't think her prescription is strong enough so chances are they'll have to increase it when she gets re-checked in a few weeks. (the dr purposefully cut down her prescription b/c it's so high) It just stinks that "trial and error" costs $. Boo.

 This is how E likes to climb into her car:) Nevermind that the door opens.....

I got some new glasses, too! They are kid's glasses since they fit my face better. It's nice to have glasses to wear more often to get a break from contacts!!

Our friend Mr J. came over the other day and surprisingly our gun-shy baby took to him like fish to water! She stood there staring at him for several minutes and started talking and before we knew it, she was in his lap! I don't think he realizes how lucky he is to get that kind of reception:)



Emily S. said...

I LOVE your new glasses!! I always have a terrible time picking out new frames.

Grandma W said...

Good news about the progress with your foot. I really like your glasses. Very stylish! I love the pic of E getting into her little car. How cute is that?

Charity said...

You look so cute in those glasses. i really like them.

grandma said...

I also love your new glasses you look darling in them. So does that darling Miss E. She is so cute sitting on that mans lap. She looks shy but interested in him. Also PTL on news of your foot. Love you.

Shawna said...

I love your glasses too. Way more than mine. I'm trying to convince my husband I need new ones but it's not working so well. I hope I'm able to read your blog more often. I'm sure I'm missing out on a lot. You are a great writer.