Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our Crew

 It was a busy day around here. We went to church, our 2nd time back since February! Things didn't go very well putting Missy into the nursery. She remembered very quickly that it was a place she doesn't like and she started screaming when we were about 10 feet away:( Sometimes I wonder if she will be living with us for the rest of her life.....

Speaking of Missy....

Peek-A-Boo! She's into all sorts of climbing and tricks lately. She thinks she's BIG stuff these days! She turned 18 months old on Friday, much to our disbelief and she is changing by the hour.

She wasn't saying too many new words for a few weeks but all of the sudden she's having a word growth spurt! Saying things like "Coa" (Coat), "Nak" (Snack), "Go!" "Bow" (because she has many~haha;), one of my favorites "Monny" (Mommy) and "Daddy", "Teet Teet" (Tweet, Tweet) and more! It's so cute to hear her little chipmunk voice talking:)

 As promised, I snuck in the boys room last night to take a picture, only to find that Zakkai was the only one who stuck it out for the night in his beanbag chair! That's quite a nest he has there:)

This is what you can find in Samuel's hand or under his feet all day, every day! He drives me up the wall with his constant bouncing, dribbling, kicking and fancy foot work. He's going to be taking soccer this summer and I'm relieved he'll have an outlet for his itchy fingers and feet!!

This is an example of the 6 (and a half) year old 'tude that we have been on the receiving end of lately! Man, oh, MAN! It's like the teenage hormones have kicked in or something. Good thing he has an attitude chart already~we've gotta work hard on this one!

The other day he was having trouble with how he was speaking to/acting towards me and I got frustrated with him by bedtime and talked to him about his disrespect. He left to go do something and within 5 minutes was back up with me, sobbing in my arms, totally repentant of his attitude. He sobbed out, "I'm sorry I was so rude to you. I don't want to be mean!" And in that moment I thanked God that my son's heart is soft and that he wants to change. May it always be so!!

We got a lot of cleaning/organizing done this afternoon...AFTER a Sunday afternoon nap!! We are amassing a large collection of things to donate or sell, which is good! Mostly clothes, toys and books that we've outgrown. We need to get things in ship-shape over here and also raise money to go on a very special trip this summer to celebrate my grandparent's 60th anniversary!!

Oh, and I convinced the Hubs to do a little organizing down in his dungeon office area. I practically had to hogtie him and throw him over my (non-injured) shoulder to get him down there but he was awfully glad when I did! First of all, he has one clean (ish) corner now, a good place for the printer (that used to be on a crooked box) and he likes my company. Win-win!!

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