Monday, April 23, 2012


Sometimes when I sit down with my computer at night to write on my blog, my brain goes totally blank. No matter what funny little things happened during the day that made me smile, the cute, new things that Eliana is doing, the not-so-funny moments that made me want to tear my bushy hair out. It all just goes blank.

The small things that flit through my mind as I sit here may not mean much to anyone else. The way Samuel has been trying for a week now to jump out and scare me. I think he's starting to believe I have eyes in the back of my head. Hee hee!

The screaming that Missy does if the boys do something she doesn't like. She's all boss these days and will give us a run for our money. Aiyiyi.

Listening to Zakkai tell us that when he grows up, he's not going to make the kind of meat (stir fry) we had for dinner because it was too hard to chew. But we're still invited over for pizza and a movie on Friday nights:)

The things they do to amuse us, surprise us, drive us up the wall, love us and capture us. Life is certainly not boring here!

He may be growing up fast but he still loves to sit by me, begs to sleep next to me at night, and asks me 289 questions a day just to see what I know (or don't know!). Love this kid!

She loves to read all the time,  boss her "brudders," eat and be loved. What a life! She goes by the names "Foosie" "Foosie Foo" "Moosie" "Moosie Foo" and "Biscuit." It'll be a wonder if she ever learns her real name:)

So many pretty dresses to choose from these days! I refuse to be ashamed of being a girly girl and hoping for one of my own!

This week we're expecting the company of one of my cousins! The boys are very excited, as they soak up the attention of any visitors like a thirsty plant soaks up water. Because we never give them any attention, of course.  Of course.

Our "handy man guy" came this weekend to repair a leaking pipe under our kitchen sink and the boys were literally 2 feet away from him the whole time, scrutinizing his every move. I wouldn't be surprised if I found Zakkai under there trying to figure out how to put a new pipe himself one of these days!

All I can say is, watch what you say and do around little people. They are ALWAYS watching! And listening. And learning.


Grandma W said...

I have enjoyed these last few days so much. The pics, the stories...Life goes by so fast. Enjoy each moment - and I know you strive to. One day you turn around and they are gone...and have a family of their own. Love you all so very much.

aunt t said...

z is a funny kid, the way he thinks and communicates his dislikes. He makes me laugh!
Little E is a little ball of cuteness, I want to hug her! She wouldn't let me though.