Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Zoo Day!

 On Sunday after lunch, despite the suspicious weather, we decided to go to the zoo and take full advantage of our zoo membership! Unfortunately, by the time we got there (and we live close!), a nasty thunderstorm was brewing.

So we decided to walk around the mall for awhile. We splurged and spent .75 whole cents on a car ride for the boys:) Aren't we generous? It doesn't take much to make kids happy!

They chose a red 2 seater (although it looks orange in this pic..). Samuel drove sedately, saying he was going to the store to buy a hat and Zakkai drove like a madman, making me very glad that he's not ready to be behind the wheel for a good 11-12 years! Whew.

When we came out of wandering around the mall, we found that the storm had passed, leaving behind a warm moist air and we decided to go to the zoo afterall. This little lady was SOOO tired and ended up taking a nap in the Moby wrap. I am so glad we can still use it!

Ahhhhhhh! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a.....giant bee? The boys were a little freaked out by this, especially since randomly, a strange buzzing sound would play and the pinchers would start opening and closing. Samuel kept saying, "What if there were really bees that big?"

I would never go outside. Ever.

We ventured over to the monkey house, which was my request:) These little monkeys were the tiniest little things, the size of a few month old kitten! I really wanted to take one home but Ben convinced me that probably wasn't a good idea.

We have enough monkeys anyways...

Apparently, the gorillas were being separated to welcome a new friend who is coming to the zoo, named "JoJo." Gorillas are really interesting! These were the girl gorillas. The big ape, the manly one, was off by himself and he seemed really disgruntled. I think he was missing the ladies.

Have you ever heard a peacock cry? It is the most chilling cry you've ever heard from an animal! Speaking of a "ladies man", this guy had 4 to choose from! Or maybe that's why he was hiding on the roof....not sure:)

"Giddyap, Lion!" The boys had a good time. We are able to keep our zoo visits short and sweet since we live so close and have a pass. We can pick a few animals we want to see, wonder around for an hour or two and go home instead of packing in an entire day and then dragging exhausted selves home.

At least B and I are always exhausted. I've yet to discover where kids get their energy......But when I do, I'm going to bottle it up and sell it for millions!

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dwilliams said...

Thanks for the happy nurses week wishes :) Sorry not to respond by text but I worked today and didn't want you to wake up to a text in the middle of the night when I turned my phone on :) miss you guys! let's hang out soon!