Monday, May 7, 2012

The 3 Amigos.


* Is 2 months away from turning SEVEN. Be still my heart.

* Has made it his life's goal to jump out and scare me. I hear "BOO!" 20 times a day..

* Is really into playing with friends these days.

* Really wants to play soccer!

* Says that he doesn't need a job when he grows up because he will be living with us. But when I told him he might want some money for clothes and to help with food, he said he might want to own a pet shop. A pet shop that sells cats, fish, parrots and hamsters but NO dogs!

* Really wants to have a cat.

* Notices every little ache, pain and throb in his body. I guess that's what comes with the territory when you've got SPD and are sensitive to everything!

* Loves to open up and talk at bedtime when we tuck him in. If we ever want to learn something new about him, that's the time!


* Five is a wonderful, agreeable, magical age for him!

* Says his favorite thing to play with is cars.

* Told his teachers at school that his favorite food is "Chicken Noodle Soup", he wants to be a "Tree Cutter" when he grows up and his favorite tv show is "SpongeBob Squarepants." Even though he's only seen it one time in his life.

* Loves to build crazy cars with legos.

* Is still obsessed with buttons and things that make noise. Oh, and batteries and lights.

* Does the goofiest, funniest things just because he can and just because he's 5 and he doesn't care what anyone thinks!

* Is uncannily great at playing "Memory" and "Guess Who." Like freaky-good.

* Currently sleeps with about 43 stuffed animals in his bed. Give or take a few:)


* Copies off of Big Brother and sneaks around saying "Boo!" and trying to scare us:)

* Loves to tell us "Day Dyu" (Thank you) for everything!

* Is turning into a climber. Everytime we turn around, she's climbed onto something she shouldn't and is standing and saying "Yook!" (Look)

* Has added to her vocabulary "See? See?" "Coa" (Coat) "Coe" (Clothes) "Dere is" (There it is) "Doe!" (Go!) "Bow" (Which she says for "Bow" "Open" and "Elephants" not really sure about the last one...) "Broher" (Brother) "Knee" "Ear" "Neow" (Meow for Kitty) and much more! She talks a lot, even if we can't understand a lot of it:)

*  Loves her "Kai!" She loves to call for him, lay on him, take his toys and sit with him in time-out:)

* Loves to find her belly button and knees and thinks all animals are "Doddies". (Doggies)

* Is a water baby! I think it will be fun to swim with her this summer because she just loves water so much.

Can't imagine life without my munchkins!

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