Thursday, May 24, 2012


 This afternoon, Ben and I finally turned a corner! We both started to feel more "human" after some soup and a nap. We are hoping that with a few more days of boring, bland food, we will be back to our healthy-ish selves:)

In other news, our camera did officially die. I have no idea how or why it turned on enough for me to get my pictures off from the weekend but I am very thankful! We never said anything to Zakkai about spilling the water on it because he had no idea that it happened but he must've put some pieces together because yesterday out of nowhere he said, "Mommy, I'm really sorry I spilled water on the camera."

In the sweetest, saddest little voice you've ever heard. Who could be upset with that? We have had an offer from a great friend to give us their old camera, which is the biggest blessing! Hopefully, I'll have better pics than the ones from my phone soon!

Zakkai officially graduated from preschool on Tuesday! I dragged my sick self to that school, knowing what an important day it was for him. He has talked about this day non-stop and kept saying, "Is this my special day?"

I would've gone even if there was an earthquake outside and i was missing a leg!

Samuel and Eliana came with me and poor Daddy couldn't come because he was so sick at home:( Zakkai's class sang the cutest "Buzz, Buzz, Buzz" song while wearing little bee constumes! I can hear it in my head and picture those cute 4 and 5 year olds dancing and showing their stingers;)

Then they sang a "Tickle the Tiger" song, which was also very cute! Zakkai looked really uncertain as he sang but kept his neighbors in line, showing them the right direction to turn when they were backwards:)

I asked a friend to take pictures for me and would you believe, her camera battery died after one picture! She said someone else took a picture for me but who knows if I will ever see it;( This is the best I got with my phone. Mr Zakkai Thomas getting his diploma! This was one happy soon-to-be kindergartener!!

And here's Moosie Foo reading a book today:) She just LOVES to read and will ask to come up on the couch and then ask for a book. She thinks it's so fun to sit with us. I hope she's a big reader like her mommy and daddy!

Today alone, she learned at least 5 new words! She's in a big repeating stage right now and in the past few days learned "Tuttle" (Turtle) "Beah" (Bear) "Buppy" (Button) "Bapple" (Apple) "Fow" (Flower) "Belby" (Belly/Belly button) "Ga" (Giraffe) "Bee" (Bee) "Cah" (Cat) "Chee" (Cheeks) and more! It's amazing how her language is exploding! She just loves to talk about things she knows and point out objects in books. It's a fun age!

And it's also a tiring age:) Off to catch up on sleep!

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Grandma W said...

COngratulations Zakkai! Grandma is SOOOOO proud of you! I wish I couls have been there to see you graduate. I love you!