Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wacky Hair Day

 I will be so glad when this week is over! It is not fun being sick and especially when your spouse and only help is also sick. The good news is that we are mending slowly. Ben has finally passed the worst of it and has been fever-free today and even ate a little toast and soup! I feel like a vacuum cleaner sucked out all the life from my bones and refilled them with jelly. Oh, and also like someone punched me in the stomach. Fun, huh?

However, we are mending and thank the Lord, all three kiddos are still healthy! I hope it stays that way!

So B and I may not be having the greatest week but Samuel is having fun because it's Fun Week for the first graders since it's their last full week of school! Monday was Mismatched Sock Day, yesterday was Hat Day and today was Wacky Hair day! Samuel gets very nervous about doing things out of routine or normalcy so I was pretty surprised when he asked for spikey hair and actually left it like that! He had a bit of a meltdown after he saw himself in the mirror because it wasn't what he was expecting but I think he was glad he did it since most of his friends had pretty crazy hair, too.

Here's my Wacky Boy:

 He liked it so much that he didn't want to shower tonight and wash it out:) I may never be able to cut his hair again....

And then Zakkai thought the whole hair thing was pretty cool so he asked me to give him a mowhawk, which I had to fix about 16 times today:)

He burst into giggles after he saw his silly face and hair in this picture:)

Happy Wacky Wednesday!


aunt t said...

The hair style is a good look, they are such handsome boys!

Grandma W said...

I like S's hair. I think it is right in style. I am SO THANKFUL you and B are on the upswing. Praying the kids stay healthy and don't catch any germs.