Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Yesterday I was sitting in big overstuffed chair with my feet up on the ottoman, resting for a few minutes. Zakkai came up and laid his hand on my leg while telling me something very important. He stopped in mid-sentence and ran his hand over my shin again, giggled and said, "Mommy, your frickles tickle me!"

I burst out laughing and it took me a few minutes to question him. I said, "Frickles? Do you mean....Prickles?" He wrinkled his cute, little nose, smiled and said, "No! I mean...Freckles!"

I said, a little confused, "Do you know what freckles are?" He grinned as he pointed to my freckle-covered face and said, "It's those and you have them all over!" (which I don't, thank you very much!) Then he inspected my leg again and said, "See they're all bumpy and they tickle!"
I said, dryly, "Those are prickles. Not freckles."

Maybe it's time for a new razor.....:)

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