Monday, May 28, 2012

The Funnies.

A few recent funny boy one-liners and stories:

Samuel: (At the store tonight) "Mommy, what's this called? Is it a fruit or a vegetable?" I look over to see him holding a package of cut rhubarb.

"Oh, that's called rhubarb and it's a fruit."

Samuel said incredulously, "It's called fruitbar??!"

Zakkai: Ben came down this morning looking for a drink of water. Unbeknownst to him, I had placed the water pitcher in the refrigerator to get cold. (It's been out on the counter through the winter.) He looked around and saw it missing and said, "Zakkai, do you know where the water pitcher is?"

Zakkai said, "It's in the refrigerator!"
Ben said, "Did you put it there ?" Zakkai shook his head no.
Ben said, "Did mommy put it there?" Zakkai shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don't know but you definitely didn't put it in there!"

We were preparing to go to Zakkai's school picnic last Monday and I said, "Zakkai, I have to go pack the picnic now." Zakkai's mouth dropped open and he said, "We have to pack the picnic for the whole school??!!"

Samuel~ "Mommy, why do you have yellow teeth?"

Zakkai: "Ah!! Missy's all laked!!" (Laked = Naked).

While talking about our upcoming slumber party:

Zakkai: "Ooh, and we can have brownies and cookies. And some suckers, too! And you think of some ideas, too, Mommy!" Think he has a sweet tooth? :)

Yesterday during Sunday school, Zakkai marched in the door and announced, "My baby sister's here today!!" And during coloring time, he started laughing awkwardly If you know him, you can picture this!) and looked up at the other children and teachers around him and said, "My baby sister's here and she's coloring but she doesn't know how!"

He was SO proud:)

Samuel: "But, Mommy, I want to sleep with you. Please? I can come sleep in your bed and Daddy can go sleep with Zakkai."

I said, "How about we sleep next to each other during our slumber party, okay? I can't just kick Daddy out of bed, buddy."

Samuel thinking for a minute, "Fine. We can pull out the couch and Daddy can sleep on floor or go upstairs."

Poor Daddy!

There are so many funny little things that these boys say and do and I often am too busy to write it down and I forget! I want to savor these little moments...

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aunt t said...

Wonderful children, they say the darndestt things! Thanks for the smiles, Z is very perceptive, haha!