Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stranger Danger

We occasionally refresh our rules with the boys about talking to or dealing with strangers, especially since a certain someone needs constant refreshing. We go through scenarios and ask how they would respond.

For example: "If you were playing outside and a stranger pulled up in his car and offered you your most favorite candy in the whole wide world, should you take it? What do you do?"

Usually we get responses like "I would run away" or "First I would yell NO and then I would run to you" or similar answers.

Here's a glimpse into Zakkai's brain:)

Tonight Samuel wanted to know if I could scream really loud. I said I probably can but I don't like to. Of course he wanted to know why, since he likes to ask "why" 8,364 times a day. So then he went into reasons why screaming might be good, like if he and Zakkai were teenagers and they decided to go someplace together and a stranger pulled up and offered them two really yummy suckers. Then they should scream "HELP" really loudly.


So there's a pause after I say goodnight for the 8th time and as I'm trying to leave the room, Zakkai pipes up and says, "Mommy, if there's a stranger and he's chasing me and I have a motorcycle in the driveway, I will run to it and turn it on and drive away fast!"

This boy is a hoot!

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aunt t said...

Z comes up with funny thoughts that must keep you smiling! What a cutie!